Finish the Forges

Mission 1: Part 2: On the Offensive

After some analysis on the part of Grazzo is determined that these creatures were originally members of the village. The husk found is wrought with the residue of powerful enchantments that were used to perserve it, bind it’s will to someone, and create the dimmensional openings, which have since collapsed. The dimmensional rifts seem to have caused heavy damage to the internal workings of the creature, hence it’s writhering into little more than skin. Rumours and theories are flying around the village, and atmosphere of mournful and silent fear has been replaced with a paniced and frenzied buzz. More ‘reinforcements’ have arrived, both from the Silver Flame. A full scale evacuation is in progress. Strangely this attack has done a little bit to awaken the ghost town as extended family comes into take away their granparents, nephews, or young cusions. Some of the older folks have banded together, intent on staying. Mercenary bands have flocked to the village hoping to exploit the fear and anger of the villagers and turn a profit. It has been only a few days since the attack. You are presently retired to a house in the Outsiders district which you have been allowed to squat in in wake of your assitance in routing the monsters from the village. Sunset is rapidly desending, and you’re discussing what’s to come next. At the center of the room the jar holding the monster sits. You’ve received a direct order from Dr. Glendale to go on the offensive as soon as possible, and bring whoever is responsible for these creatures to her personally, and to not allow any mercenaries obtain the target before you.

The fog suddenly swells up and the jar unleashed the monster and the party follows it.

You travel to the river which borders the Mournlands. It’s foggy day, but not the the point of attack. The water holds that same opaque quality as the river that flows through the village. The river looks formidible, more so because it’s impossible to tell what lies beneath the surface, still the monsters must have crossed some way.

The monster disappeared beneath the surface. Bot followed it, and examined the underneath of the water, but it was to dim to see anything. The party as a whole decided to hire a mercenary, and boat to cross the river. The mercenary provides the expertise needed for tracking.

Eventually the party reaches a shack.

A shambled shack appears before you. Mist swirls around it, and it appears at though it’s stood there since before the Last War. It’s roof is partially caved in, rot covers the walls.
Step inside and the floor crumbles beneath them. Grazzo falls and sprains his ankle, the other party members jump, climb, or fall down after the successfully grabbed onto the wall.

The tunnels extend further than the eye can see. The darkness presses on all sides. The sounds of dripping echo in the distance to the north, towards the river. There are other noises too, but they are almost too distant to hear. There are muffled cries, and the sounds of meat being torn in the distance. Neo turns on a magic light and reveals three Suitmen. The Suitmen are normal human sized, with a single long zipper that leads from their collar bone to their neutered crotches. The party fights the monsters, but one of the suit men manages to pull zippers all the way down and it emits a high pitched screech, which functions as an alarm.

Finally the party make their way through the double doors at the end of the hallway. The open the door to the ‘inner sanctum’. The room itself appears to be an over sized study. Large bookshelves extend from the floor to the ceiling, and a single table sits at it’s center. An unlite fire place sits at the northern most wall. Between each bookshelf there is a single door. There are a total of six doors arranged around the circumfrence of the room. A challenge is issued by a booming voice. Followed by a hideous laugh that panics Grazzo and the mercenary. Each door bears markings which appear to be names. daeklyr alphabet, Grazzo manages to translate them, after he was panicked. The rooms are; The Holding Cells, The Barracks, The Preservation Room, and the Operation Room

The first room the part visits is the Holding Cells.
The door opens to a dimly lit room with dirt walls. There is muffled moaning around you, and some, but the lighting makes it hard to distiguish exact forms. The are walls of iron bars on each side of you. There room smells terrible. A creature rooted to the ground, and outfitted with many arms hold butchers cleavers attacks the party. The party defeats him, and frees the prisoners, then they leave their hired gun to watch over the prisoners, who are in various states of shock, some are missing limbs.

From here the party splits up; Bane Blade and Bot head to the Operation Room, while Neo and Grazzo head to the Preservation Room.

Preservation Room
Jars of alchemically created preservation fluid line the walls of this room. There is a dull blue light given off by all the jars and they are the only source of light in the room. The jars vary in size, and hold a vaerity of things. From simple limbs, to large creatures, apparently prototypes of the Stalkers and Suitmen you’ve faced. Neo picks up one of the jars and is attack be the fluid within. She defeats the fluid, and then saves some of it in a capped jar. She then rejoins the party in the operation room

Operation Room
The walls of the room are fleshy, and pulsing. Bane and Bot run in and meet Mouren, who is guard be two Suitmen. He accuses the two of being spies, under the impression that war is still on going. Seeing no point in reason, Bane attacks. However Bot, and Bane find that there can be no damage inflicted on anyone in the room. The Suitmen begin to take make a maneuver. Bot learns the walls can be attacked, as they are evil. Neo rejoins at this point. Bot attacks the walls, and Neo also does so. They destroy the walls, Mouren dies, Grazzo retrieves some artifacts, detecting the magic aura. The party grabs the prisoners, and escapes through the other end of the tunnel, into and underwater passage way. The Artifacts are returned to the Foundation, they are a dagger that can cut through dimensions, and a surgeons kit that binds peoples will.

Next session Neo will be the DM, and Grazzo will be a player.

Mission 1: Part 1: Mysterious Village

Here is a bulleted list of the events that took place over m1p1:

  • Players and Grazzo arrived in the small town of Blackbark responding to a suspicious disappearances, possibly related to the Mournlands.
  • Players found that people had conglomorated at both the church, and the tavern. Bane Blade, and Neo chose to investigate the Tavern. Bot and Grazzo chose to investigate the Church.
  • Neo and Bane Blade’s investigation at the tavern introduces them to the following scenes and characters:

  • Tavern – One of the few open shops in the town the tavern has is lights on at all
    hours. Gaurds visit when they are free, and it is open at all hours to accommodate the differing, constant shifts. Additionally there are a number of older men who seek shelter in their booze
  • Schiller – Old and mostly blind (legally blind in modern terms) man who owns and runs the Tavern. Survived an attack while his daughter, and son-in-law where into. They were taken, and he heard the sounds of the creature zippering, clicking,and chopping.

  • Bot and Grazzo’s investigation at the tavern introduced them to the following scenes and characters:

  • Church- A small, delepitdated church which bears recent fortification. Located at the center of town. There is a bunker of Silver Flame militants to it’s left,and a mess hall area to it’s right. Currently children, and Silver Flame paladin’s are dining. A man dressed in what appears to be traditional preist clothing is serving soup from two large pots. The church functions as an orphanage, and santurary currently. The basement and pews have been converted into livinig quarters for children, and those who are defenseless.
  • Geoff- Preist who is currently taking care of the defenseless in his church.
  • Sally- Survivor from attack, heavily scarred mentally. Often imitates the creature that attacked her family. She does so by jumping around, moving erratically, making clicking noises, and pulling at her skin making zipper noises. Around age 12.
  • Sharah- Sally’s sister. Has less mental damage. Says that she has to be the big sister now despite being a few years younger than Sally. Around age 8.
  • Bishop/Sergeant Alexander- An officer of the Church of the Silver flame. He was brought in when Geoff called out to the main church for protection, after the failures of the Karrnathi scouting squads. Currently reinforcing guard squads, he and his men have yet to experience an attack.

  • Once the players concluded their investigations they meet up outside the church, and discuss tactics. Grazzo argues that travelling into the mists to investigate could lead to their deaths at the hands of the attackers. Neo, however, seems eager to attack. The final decision was to bide for time: Bot takes up guard duty with the Silver Flame, Bane Blade gains employment with the city guard, Neo studies her books, and Grazzo spent time familiars himself with the locals.
  • After five days the first attack begins, but in differently as they had in the past. The mist began to pull in during daylight, at the same time alarm bells from the towns weak points: the South Wall, the river, and the Tavern all begin to show signs of attack simultaneously.
  • The party rushes to the south wall and observe these “Stalkers” rushing from the river. They are bleach bone white, tall and slender. Their limbs are long and triple jointed. They are covered in what appear to be silver scars, but are actually zippers. They are neutered, and washed of all standard human features. They have faces, but the mouths are lipless, and their eyes are have no eyelids. The Stalkers rush up the walls, and are able to leap up the 20ft stone walls. A battle between the party and the Stalkers occurs on the narrow walls.

*The Stalkers attack, and are able to open the zippers revealing long tentacles that they can use to make attacks. When defeated the Stalkers shrivel, as if deflated. Neo puts one of these creatures in a large jar. The party then goes on to assit in routing the other Stalkers from the village.

*The mist leaves quickly, and reveals that all the Stalkers have fled, taking a large portion of the remaining guards with them. There are three theories offered by Simmons(captain of the guard), Alexander, and Bot respectively; The attackers were announcing their strength and ability (supported by the siege of perfectly preserved body parts), the attackers were intent on destroying the village, and I forgot Bot’s theory (it was really late at this point, don’t judge me).

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